Powder Spray Gun Parts

Without authorization of any brand, we specialize in making various powder spray gun parts to replace the original famous brands of products at completive price. As these trade marks are owned by cooperated companies of these brands, they are mentioned to bring convenience for customers.

Spare Parts for GM03 Manual Powder Gun

Item No. Description
1008 070 GM03 manual powder gun - complete
1007 229# Threaded sleeve - complete
1007 931# Flat jet nozzle NF20 - complete
1007 683# Electrode holder - complete
1007 934# Flat jet nozzle NF20
1007 935# Flat jet nozzle NF21
1001340 Hose connector – complete, for hose interior Ø 11-12 mm

Related Names
Powder Coating Spray Gun Accessory | Metal Surface Treating Device

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