Insert Sleeve

As the wearing part, our insert sleeve is made to match various types of powder injectors in different brands. With customized service, we are able to produce it in varied styles based on the provided drawings and samples. There are several types of products at below are prepared in large stock all the year round.

Optional Products

Item No. Description
1006 485 Teflon, complete
336467(Part No.)
110304(Order No.)
Sleeve, insert-PI-1 pump
300080 (Part No.)
106507 (Order No.)
Insert sleeve-- 11/12 pump
336424(part no)110312(order no) Connector, hose-PI-1 pump
354201 Sleeve-Teflon
344338 Sleeve-Tefzel
377724 Insert sleeve, Teflon
377767 Insert sleeve for Easyflow

Related Names
Powder Coating Sleeve Manufacturer | Powder Spraying Parts

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