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Temperature Profiling System for Coating Oven

The SMT-4 temperature profiling system for coating oven is reliable, superior and inexpensive. This product will be the first choice for those who use it, sell it or need to know the situations of their products on the conveyor or inside a large batch of ovens.

Technical Specifications

Basic specifications
Duration 45 minutes at 300ºC, 1 hour at 250ºC or 2 hours below 150ºC
Number of channels 4
Transducer K type thermocouple
Precision 0.5%
Sampling rate 1s 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 1min, etc (programmable)
Reading memory 16000 data can be recorded and stored by each channel
Communication with computer USB communication cable
Requirement on computer Windows 98, 2000, XP and systems. The temperature curve can be printed through computer.
Thermal barriers dimension 145×125×325mm
Start/stop method Press REC button to start or stop recording data
Setting software a) Sampling cycle is optional.
b) It is convenient for stopping or starting the data recording.
c) The temperature curve is displayed at real time.
d) It can store multiple groups of data.
Analysis software a) It is alternative to show these curves.
b) This software helps to calculate the increasing speed of two phrases of temperature.
c) Time at temperature will be figured out to show the time spent above predetermined temperature thresholds.
d) It can work out the peak temperature that shows the maximum temperature at the precise time.
e) It is able to give comparison on the data of 2 to 5 times of testing. f) View data shows the raw temperature and time data for each thermocouple throughout the run.
g) This analysis mode calculates the rate of heating and cooling for each probe over user-defined temperature ranges, the time and the temperature within each range.
Standard disposition
l SMT -4 temperature profile
l 4 sets of K type thermocouples of 1.75m or can be customized
l USB communication cable
l setting software and data analysis software
l thermal barrier
l operations manual

Related Names
Oven Temperature Tracking System | Metal Coating Process Device | Industrial Temperature Instrument

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