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Powder Coating Spray Gun with Fluidizing Hopper Colo-800D-L2

The powder coating spray gun is equipped with fluidizing hopper. As our intelligent powder coating equipment with new trolley, the colo-800D-L2 manual spray gun is lightweight, compact, yet exceptionally rugged and reliable. This spraying equipment provides optimum operator comfort and control, while withstanding tough conditions in a typical powder coating production environment.

Parameters of Powder Coating Spray Gun
Electrical Data
Power range: 220v/110v
Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
Temperature range in use: -10℃+50℃
Powder Gun
Gun weight: 500G
Rated output voltage: 24VDC
Input voltage: -200kV
Maximum output current: 180uA (max.)
Maximum output voltage: 0-100KV (adjustable)
Maximum powder injection: 600g/min
Polarity: negative (-)
Pneumatic Data
Maximum input-air pressure: 10kg/cm
Optimum input-air pressure: 6kg/cm
Minimum input-air pressure: 4kg/cm
Maximum water vapor content or compressed air: 1.4g/Nm3
Maximum oil vapor content of compressed air: 0.1ppm
Maximum compressed-air consumption: 13.2m3/h

Colo-800D-L2 Powder Coating Hopper Unit with Cart
3 preset functions provide excellent powder transfer efficiency. Thanks to the superior powder penetration and the high-class effect, there is no need to adjust the gun for spraying flat or complex workpieces
Powder feed system with air purge for faster easier maintenance
Modular hopper can be disassembled without tools
Compared to colo-800D, the only difference of this model is the cart.

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