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    1. Automatic Spray Gun System, CL-191
      Our spray guns provide excellent high quality coating with constant current, the film thickness is uniform; can reduce substandard products, raise output, and increase revenue!
    1. Manual Spray Booth
      Compressed air quality:Without water and oil, the micro particles are smaller than 0.01um.
    1. Powder Spray Cabinet
      This powder spray cabinet is installed with 4 filters and a set of draught fan. The dimension of the product is 2.0×1.5×2.1m.
    1. Powder Spray Room
      The powder spray room owns one filter. Its overall dimension is L1000×W1300×H1700mm.
    1. Manual Powder Coating Room
      The manual powder coating room, also called powder spraying station, is designed with single work station.
    1. Powder Coating Oven
      The inner dimension of the powder coating oven is 1.0×1.0×1.8m. The rated voltage is 380V.