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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Manual Powder Coating System CL-151S-B (Direct Box Feed)

This CL-151S-B vibratory box feed unit is the optimal choice to meet the demands of frequent color changing. It uses directly the original packing box of the powder, and can change the powder whose color is not in use at any time.

It changes quickly the powder color – simply removes the suction tube and clean the color.

Single/double operating system are optional

The unique charging system controls automatically both current and voltage, which gives improved safety, high efficiency of charging, minimum surface disruption and unrivalled recoating performance.

No matter the metal workpiece is simple or sophisticated, CL-151S all can realize perfect finishing, even a greenhand can operate it. The main machine is programmable, all parameters are divided into four functional sections.

It saves and accesses up to 20 coating programs.

It is suitable for small batches and frequent color changes

It is the best choice for factories that require very high coating quality.

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