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Vertical Aluminum Profile Powder Coating Line

We supply complete solution for aluminum surface finishing, this type of powder coating line is specially designed for aluminum profile, its capacity can reach 1000 T to 2000T per month for 6m profile.

Vertical Aluminum Profile Powder Coating Line
1. Uploading area
Uploading area

2. Energy saving pretreatment washer spraying tunnel
A key quality finishing component of the vertical powder coating system is the pretreatment spraying system. COLO design uses an innovative spraying style washer to provide high performance pretreatment of the aluminum extrusions
The spraying washer design eliminates the use of thousands of spray nozzles typically found inside the washer tunnel of a vertical coating line. The system uses low maintenance trays to guide the flow of each pretreatment stage downward over the top of the extrusions, it is similar to a principle of waterfall movement. Using the system reduces the pretreatment chemical costs and saves water.

  • Spraying tunnel
  • Washing, degreasing

3. Fast color changing powder booth with mono-cyclone recovery system
Powder recovery and reclaim is accomplished by using high efficiency cyclone technology allowing rapid color changing and short processing time, with less waste. The high efficiency cyclone system can recover approximately 98% of the powder overspray and return it to the powder feed system for reuse.
The standard vertical powder booth design utilizes polyethylene booth sidewalls which are indexed downward for cleaning during the color change process. Complete color changes in the standard booth can be performed by a single booth operator with less than 15 minutes.
Grating sensor system makes the whole powder line more intelligent, and digital valve control electrostatic spray gun system achieves perfect spraying effect.

4. Indirectly heated powder curing oven ensures high curing quality
After application of the powder coatings, the aluminum extrusions are sent to an indirectly heated convection oven for a complete curing of powder coatings. The natural gas fired ovens are designed with high energy efficiency and provide an optimum environment for powder coatings curing. Indirect heating powder curing oven eliminates the concerns about possible contaminants from the burner and helps to provide excellent control for the temperature distribution of profiles in the oven.

Indirectly heated powder curing oven ensures high curing quality
5. Downloading area
Downloading area

COLO could offer the different powder coating solution according to your parts and requirements.
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