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Small Powder Coating Line Layout

1. Manual Powder Coating Line L-01
Small automatic powder coating with conveyor system without pre-treatment station
Powder coating oven with the top track and two doors at the two ends

2. Manual powder Coating Line L-02
Suitable for start. Heavy products are transported by track.

3. Small Powder Coating Plant L-03
Automatic powder coating gun with mono-cyclone powder coating booth +
Box powder coating oven with trolley design

4. Batch Powder Coating System L-04
Batch powder coating booth with cartridge filter
Powder curing ovens are available with electrical, oil fired & gas fired heating options.
Conveyor track and trolley (manual) for material handling as an option.

5. Manual Powder Coating Plant L-05
Small powder coating plant without pre-treatment station
The powder coating gun system can be set in manual or automatic mode.

6. Small Powder Coating Conveyor System without Pre-Treatment Station

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