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Conveyor System & Accessories

    1. Overhead Conveyor Spreader
      The hanger works as the part for conveyor system, as well as the accessory of coating production line.
    1. Overhead Conveyor Track
      As the part of electrostatic powder coating production line or conveyer, our track is designed in various types, like straight type, lifting turning type, temperature telescoping tube, horizontal curve type, elbow with rotary disc, checking rail, etc.
    1. Overhead Conveyor Tension Device
      The tension device is a kind of accessory of coating production line. According to the work piece, customers can select the vertical adjusting base, heavy vertical style of product, track connecting piece, etc.
    1. Overhead Conveyor Chain
      The chain belongs to the conveyor parts. We supply diversified products to match the trolley conveyor and our product is capable of hanging various articles with the weight ranging from 8kg to 120kg.
    1. Overhead Conveyor Drive Unit
      As one of the parts of conveyor, the drive unit is manufactured in different types, like crawler type, cattle back style, crawler type with limited load, etc. Users can choose the proper product based on different styles of work pieces.
    1. Overhead Conveyor
      The overhead conveyor is divided into light-duty type and heavy-duty type according to the loading capacity.
    1. Overhead Conveying Line
      The overhead conveying line consists of drive motor, track, chain, hanger, and so on. It is designed for working with automatic electrostatic coating line.