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Wet sandblasting equipment

Advantage & Using:
This wet sandblasting machine it will not do the damage to health and environmental , it mainly used in dentistry restoration, instruments and meters,
bijouterie, watch and glasses and so on. It is helpful to decrease craft work process, improve working efficiency and reduce the production costs.
So it can be a new assistant to dentists and mechanists.

1)made of Stainless steeel metarial solid, durable and corrosion resistant.
2)automatically screen wiper, clear eyesight.
3)New type air cell foot pedal switch, easy operation and safety.
4)Effective Polyurethane sand pump built in the cabinet, freely to start.
4)High pressure spray gun can be fixed or hand-operated, flexible and handy.

Technical Data:
Blasting media can be water with White Aluminum Oxide . Brown Aluminum Oxide . Glass Beads

Model COLO-6050W COLO -9080W COLO --1212W
Capacity of Air supply 0.4-0.8kg/ m3 0.4-0.8kg/ m3 0.4-0.8kg/ m3
Capacity of sand and water box 15kg for water 5kg for abrasive 15kg for water 5kg for abrasive 15kg for water 5kg for abrasive
Job compartment size 600*500*520 900*800*580 1200*1200*800
Power Supply 220V/380/50HZ 220V/380/50HZ 220V/380/50HZ
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