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Overhead Conveying Line

The overhead conveying line consists of drive motor, track, chain, hanger, and so on. It is designed for working with automatic electrostatic coating line. Our overhead conveyor system works in unidirectional automatic cycle, it can adjust conveying speed according to the coating effect of workpiece, which makes the workpieces with beautiful appearance, it also can improve the production capacity, so as to enhance the production efficiency of the factory, and reduce the labor cost.

Technical Parameters
Model: UH-5075-S
Single point load: ≤30kg
Chain pitch: 150mm
Power: 2.2KW
Total length: According to the design drawing
Speed: 0.7-1m/min.

This overhead conveying line has the advantages of low power consumption, low noise, simple operation, stable performance, safety and so on.
Conveying chain: Can complete the horizontal and vertical operation.
Drive and tightening device: Adopts single drive and single hammer tightening device.
Emergency stop switch: 3 switches, which are installed in the loading & unloading conveyors and coating point.
Curved track: Made of 16 manganese steel.
Expansion joint: Installed in the track where is got through the drying tunnel. A proper spacing should be maintained between two tracks which for compensating thermal distortion of track.
Variable-frequency drive: 1 set
Lubrication device: Provided to ensure that the chain is lubricated.
Hanger: Each one is spaced 0.6m apart. (according to the workpiece).

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