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Semi Automatic Electrostatic Coating Line

The process of semi automatic electrostatic coating line includes pretreatment, workpiece loading, double station manual coating, high temperature curing, workpiece cooling, and workpiece unloading. The workpieces are moving with spraying chain, when they are getting through the double station spray booth, the workpieces are sprayed by two workers that each one is holding a spray gun. After that, the workpieces are moving through the constant temperature curing tunnel, where is used for curing.

This coating line has high daily production capacity when coating the same kind of workpiece in large quantities, the labor costs and energy consumption are reduced. At the same time, the maintenance cost is very low.

Our semi automatic spraying line is not suitable for spraying irregular workpiece in small batch, its energy consumption is high. Because of the spraying speed is fast, continuous spraying time is long, so the labor intensity of workers is large.

This electrostatic powder coating system is equipped with electrostatic spraying equipment, powder curing equipment, overhead conveyor, electrical control system, etc.

Design Basis
1. Maximum assembly size: L×W×H mm, pcs/hang
2. Coating method: Manual
3. Plant building parameters: Provided by customer
4. Heat source: Electric heating, natural gas, diesel, infrared ray
5. Chain model: According to the workpiece weight, maximum single point load
6. Production capacity: Xpcs/month/26days/208hrs
7. Power supply: 60HZ, three-phase four-wire 380V, can be customized
8. Air source: Three-stage filtration compressed air

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