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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Powder Coating Spraying Machine CL-171S

Main Features: Advanced function design, intelligent digital valve control ,save time for adjustment,great coating performance.
features a hopper to hold large quantities of powder for continuous use. It is ideal for medium to large production runs and gently fluidizing the powder, right in the hopper.

1. Efficiently coating process.
Control unit features three pre-program control options (complex, recoat, corner mode) when coating different shape can choose them as need.And 20 program settings can be store in the control unit,next time coating same parts no need to adjust the powder coating machine again.

2.Best coating quality.
Colo-171s is designed for excellent coating powder on various shapes of parts,for work with colo-06gun,can coating a very range different parts from flat to different complex parts

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