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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Manual Powder Coating System CL-181S

1. Basic hopper, fast color change and small coating available
2. Easy for beginners, powerful for specialists
3. The CL-181S offers 3 pre-set standard coating programs for flat parts, profiles and recoating. Users can create and store 21 coating programs for optimizing powder coating effect of their parts.
4. Adopting Colo's newly integrated technology, CL-181S manual coating system saves more powder, and the powder penetrates easily into the corners.
5. Colo anti-static powder hose can prevent risk of fire by removing spark and electrical arc.
6. It avoids safety accidents caused by electrostatic shocks.
7. New colo-07 powder coating gun spray nozzles provide excellent powder distribution and penetration which is necessary for coating difficult geometries.

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