Powder Coating Line

COLO has plenty of experience in the manufacture of powder coating plants, especially high-performance industrial powder coating line for furniture, car wheels, cylinders and doors. It is divided into manual powder coating spray line, automatic powder coating line and semi auto powder coating line.

A basic powder coating line consists of:
1. Powder spray booth
2. Curing oven
3. Powder coating spray gun
4. Reciprocator
5. Powder sieve machine

Whatever you need to know from us, please kindly supply some information. Then we can give you a drawing program with quotation for the industrial powder coating line.
Do you need an automatic line or semi auto coating line?
How big your factory? What is the length, width or height?
What is size of your biggest workpiece, length, width, or weight?
Which energy do you want to use for heating oven? Is it electric, gas or LPG?
Most important of all, what's the production you prefer to realize after using new line within 8 hours?
How many colors do you need change every day within 8 hours?
Then we can make a quotation with drawing sheet to you soon.

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