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Aluminum Profiles Powder Coating Line

Horizontal coating line for small or medium-sized manufacturers of aluminum

With a fast color change powder coating system, it can change colors in short time also can meet the requirements of a variety of color changes.

No. Name Design Basis
1 Product name Aluminum
2 Maximum thickness of material ≤1.2mm
3 Pre-treatment method Immersion pre-treatment
4 Spraying method of powder Automatic + manual
5 Maximum size of workpiece hanged on the assembly line L×W×H=6800×200×1900(mm)
6 Maximum weight of workpiece ≤70Kg/hanger (including balance beam)
7 Hanging method Double points hanging (hanging method as shown in the layout)
8 Suspension conveyor chain on the assembly line QXG-200 model, hanging weight 35kg
9 Scissors film pitch on the assembly line 7200mm /2pieces
10 Processing speed 0.8m /min
11 Production line speed range 0 ~ 1.5m /min
12 Powder curing temperature 180 ~ 200 ℃ (LPG heating)
13 Powder coating time 16min-20min (not including air curtain section)
14 Heating source of curing tunnel LPG heating
15 Dehydration oven ≤110 ℃ ( LPG heating )
16 Area As shown in the layout, the height of beam bottom is above 5.5m
17 Power is provided by user AC 220V 60Hz 3φ
18 Lighting equipment is provided by user AC 110V 60Hz 2φ
19 LPG temperature 14000Kcal/kg·h
20 Compressed air 3.3m3 /min
21 Temperature of immersion pre-treatment Room temperature
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