Overhead Conveyor

The overhead conveyor is divided into light-duty type and heavy-duty type according to the loading capacity, the light-duty overhead conveyor comes with single point load within 0-100KG, if single point load within 100-1000KG, the machine is heavy-duty overhead conveyor.

Our conveyor system also can be divided into common type and composite type according to the technology and process. The common type overhead conveyor is used for turning, rising and falling the workpieces. The composite type overhead conveyor can be used for stacking, unloading and resetting the workpieces, and other complicated process.

Technical Parameters
1. Speed: 1m-4m/min (according to the requirements)
2. Workpiece layout: hanging type, single station or multi-station spraying
3. Conveyor chain model: 150/200/250/300/348, Y type, circular type and so on according to the workpiece
4. Speed adjustable range: 0.4m/min~4m/min
5. Adopts round column for supporting.
6. Full length of the conveyor is designed according to the actual layout.

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