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Automatic Powder Coating Equipment

    1. Automatic Spray Gun System, CL-191
      Our spray guns provide excellent high quality coating with constant current, the film thickness is uniform; can reduce substandard products, raise output, and increase revenue!
    1. COLO-5000-668 Modular Powder Coating Gun Control System
      The colo-5000-668 Modular gun control system provides reliable, repeatable performance in automatic powder coating operations. With digital energy saving pneumatics and advanced features, you'll benefit from for precise, economic performance in both Classic Flow and Smart Flow modes.
    1. CL-191S Automatic Powder Coating Gun System
      Independent control of powder output, airflow, gun voltage and current
      Up to 25 individual solutions can be saved for future use
      Excellent for coating boxes, wheels, piping, MDF and extrusions

This Automatic Powder Coating Equipment is designed to be washed by air in daily use. Without dismounting, the product is able to realize quick cleaning and downtime reduction. Cooperated with COLO control system for spray gun and controller for single spray gun, our product accomplishes the efficient, flexible and convenient powder spraying in this field. It gets outstanding effect in various application from spraying the simply shaped work pieces to complicated ones, complement coating included.

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