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Automatic Reciprocator

This auto coating machine has different speeds in different places, for example, at the top, the speed is A; and when it comes down, the speed is B, it is suitable for the complex workpieces.

This COLO-2100D automatic reciprocator makes use of the digital display in signal mode. It is able to move in the scope of 0.3m to 2.5m on the basis of work pieces. Installed with 8 storable programs. Working at variable speed in different strokes, the product is adequate to address complicated coating on the work piece. It is endowed with high load capacity and stability while running. The reciprocator can also be used in liquid coating line or powder coating line.

Technical Specifications

Max. Load capacity of lifting rod 25kg (8 guns)
Speed range 0-40m/min (adjustable)
Input voltage AC220V/110V, 50-60Hz, 5A
Rated power of motor 0.75kw
Standard stroke 2000mm (1500/1800/2500mm)
Protective function Up-down limit setting, rubber cushion
Delay at arbitrary point 0-5sec(optional)

Related Names
Variable Speed Reciprocating Device | Metal Product Painting Unit

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