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    1. Automatic Reciprocator COLO-2000D
      The COLO-2000D automatic reciprocator chooses the dedicated worm and gear reducer for lifting as drive part. It has high quality motor .
    1. Automatic Reciprocator COLO-2100D
      This auto coating machine has different speeds in different places, for example, at the top, the speed is A; and when it comes down, the speed is B, it is suitable for the complex workpieces.
    1. Touch control (PLC )Automatic reciprocator COLO-2200D
      COLO-2200D reciprocator is electrically driven by a variable-frequency drive motor via PLC, which gives gentle and precise motion, thus ensuring perfect coating result. It is wheeled for easy moving and fixing. The slim column design is space-saving.
    1. Painting robots (Reciprocator machine) COLO-2300D
      COLO-2300D automatic reciprocator moves the powder spray guns forward and backward. It is a precise and consistent system that applies servo motor and timing belt. Malfunction caused by sensor trouble has been eliminated by applying a servo motor.

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