Electrostatic Powder Coating Line

With custom design, the electrostatic powder coating line is able to address the demands on production, designated quality and performance, dimensions of accessories, etc.

Detailed Information
1. This line uses the automatic coating pretreatment on surface.
2. It is configured with various conveyors, like closed circuit type, pushing suspension type, multi-track type, etc.
3. Its curing oven varies in types, such as the batch type, assemble type, bridge type, tunnel type, etc.
4. This electrostatic powder coating line also chooses the stainless steel spray booth or steel plate booth.
5. As for the powder recovery equipment, it utilizes the cyclone system or cartridge filter system.
6. The PLC control system with or without touch screen is used.
7. This line adopts the COLO powder spray gun and reciprocator.

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