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Electrostatic Powder Coating Line

    1. Electrostatic Powder Coating Production Line
      The electrostatic powder coating production line is an automatic line for plating powder coatings by means of electrostatic field effect. It mainly consists of powder spray booth, curing oven and conveying appliance.
    1. Condenser Electrostatic Powder Coating Plant
      This condenser electrostatic powder coating plant is mainly used for the external refrigerator condenser that has high coating demands including high brightness, corrosive resistance and so on.
    1. Car Wheel Rim Powder Coating Line
      This car wheel rim powder coating line is set up especially for customers along with other coating production lines of auto bumper, shock absorber, aluminum wheel hub and other auto parts.
    1. Electrostatic Powder Coating Line
      With custom design, the electrostatic powder coating line is able to address the demands on production, designated quality and performance, dimensions of accessories, etc.

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