Fire Extinguisher Liquid Coating Line

The design and manufacture of our fire extinguisher or fire bottle liquid coating line have been completed. It is composed of the shot blasting equipment for pretreatment, hanging conveying cables, automatic coating device, dust removing equipment, dustproof and separating system for supplying and exhausting air, waste water and air processing system, PLC electric control system.

Technological Process
1.Pretreatment shot blasting production line
Work piece feeding→ work piece positioning→ self-rotation of the work piece→ shot blasting on the outer wall→ shot blasting on the inner wall→ soot blowing on the inner and outer walls → taking the work piece away
2. Spraying production line
Work piece feeding→ pre-degreasing → main degreasing→ water cleaning→ water cleaning→ surface conditioning → Parkerizing →water cleaning→ water cleaning→ dewatering→ automatic coating → curing → cooling → taking the work piece away

Related Names
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