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Overhead Conveyor Spreader

The hanger works as the part for conveyor system, as well as the accessory of coating production line. Our product is varied in species, like bearing type, hanger diverter, cross type, U type, cross disc type, gear disc type, Y type, etc.

Details Information

1. Bearing type
This type of product allows arbitrary rotation. It is suitable for small work piece that is lighter than 3kg.

2. Hanger diverter
This part is commonly used with the cross type or cross disc type. Installed on the designated device on the circuit, the product is fixed by bolt on the track. As the cross hanger moves to this part and touches it by cross leg, it will rotate at 90 degree.

3. Cross type
This cross type needs to cooperate with the Y type. During the moving of the chain, the product enables the suspended work piece to rotate at 90 degree at the moment of touching the diverter installed on designated position.

4. U type
This U type is adaptable in the low space and it needs human aid to rotate. As this product rotates at 90 degree every time, it needs to be fixed once.

5. Cross disc type
This cross disc type is similar to the cross type, except for the additional disc on the top. This disc is used to catch the oil stain dropped from the track probably to prevent the work piece from being polluted.

6. Gear disc type
When the chain runs, the gear of this product works in cooperation with the teeth row fixed on the designated position. The hanging work piece will be turned continuously. The fluted disc pitch is 28mm and the pitch diameter is 135mm.

7. Y type
Connected to the chain directly, the Y type hanger is convenient for installation. Moreover, its lower end is often jointed with cross type or cross disc type.

8. A and B type of hangers with holding frame

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