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Automatic Powder Coating Line

    1. Powder Coating Line
      COLO has plenty of experience in the manufacture of powder coating plants, especially high-performance industrial powder coating line for furniture, car wheels, cylinders and doors.
    1. Electrostatic Powder Coating Line
      The electrostatic powder coating production line is an automatic line for plating powder coatings by means of electrostatic field effect. It mainly consists of powder spray booth, curing oven and conveying appliance.
    1. Aluminum Profiles Vertical Powder Coating Line
      Vertical powder coating line is specially designed for aluminum profile, the capacity reaches 40 tons to 60tons for one day if working 8 hours, the product weight is about 4kgs ,size up to 6meter.
    1. Aluminum Profiles Powder Coating Line
      Horizontal coating line for small or medium-sized manufacturers of aluminum.With a fast color change powder coating system, it can change colors in short time also can meet the requirements of a variety of color changes.
    1. Semi Automatic Electrostatic Coating Line
      The process of semi automatic electrostatic coating line includes pretreatment, workpiece loading, double station manual coating, high temperature curing, workpiece cooling, and workpiece unloading.
    1. Vertical Aluminum Profile Powder Coating Line
      We supply complete solution for aluminum surface finishing, this type of powder coating line is specially designed for aluminum profile, its capacity can reach 1000 T to 2000T per month for 6m profile.
    1. Compact Powder Coating Plant
      This compact powder coating line is designed for aluminium profiles and sheets for the users with a limited space in their factories, but it requires a height of at least 6 meters.

Powder Coating Line Service
COLO has designed, manufactured and installed manual or automatic powder coating plants in Malaysia, Kenya, Indonesia, Thailand, Bolivia, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Australia, and European countries. If you need reasonable and cost-effective powder coating production lines, please contact us for more information.

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