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Gas Fired Curing Oven

The gas fired curing oven is composed of combustion chamber, air duct, frame, heating system, exhaust unit, and automatic temperature control system. Adopts high efficiency burner with strong stability, which is exported from Italy. The combustion chamber is made by high temperature resistant, aging resistant, and corrosion-resistant materials. The oven body is made of high quality steel, with beautiful appearance and reasonable sturcture. The powder curing oven is heating by circulating air, that features of uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency.

Our gas fired curing oven is widely used in the process of metal products, which including drying, curing, etc.

This curing oven combines the functions of burning and heat transferring, smoke and air are discharged separately, there is no pollution during heating process. This hot blast stove comes with high thermal efficiency, fast heating up, small size, easy installation, reliable use, low price, and long service life. The temperature of our product is controlled automatically, which can be adjusted according to the settings.

Curing Oven

No. Item Specifications
1 Dimensions L5000×W2000×H2300mm
2 Heat source LPG
3 Temperature control Burner is controlled by temperature sensor
4 Maximum temperature 220 ℃ -250 ℃
5 Working temperature 180~200 ℃
6 Thermal insulation material Rock wool
7 Insulating layer thickness 150mm
8 Inner wall material Galvanized steel sheet
9 Outer wall material Cold rolled steel sheet

Heating System

No. Item Specifications
1 Type of curing oven SLY - 1
2 Temperature control Temperature sensor (temperature sensor is used for detecting the temperature of oven, and burner is controlled by temperature sensor)
3 Temperature control accuracy ±3-6 ℃
4 Maximum heating capacity 160Kcal/h
5 Air blower No 4 - 72 6.0c
6 Motor of air blower Y160M - 4 - 7.5KW 380V
7 Thermal circulation volume 8288-16576m3/h
8 Cooling method Air cooling
9 Inner material 310S stainless steel
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