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Electric Paint Drying Oven

1. The electric paint drying oven has beautiful appearance, it is easy to operate.
2. It is widely used in heat treatment processing various of paint, such as dehydrating, and high temperature curing.

1. The combustion chamber of our drying oven is made of high quality steel plate or stainless steel plate. Equips with stainless steel tubular electric heater, makes oven has a long service life. This constant temperature oven is heating by circulating air, with the uniform temperature and high thermal efficiency.
2. The housing of the industrial electric oven is made of cold rolled steel, the gap between housing and liner is filled with ceramic fiber + rockwool, which is formed a insulation layer. The heater is installed in the bottom of the combustion chamber, which adopts famous electrical components, it features of stable operation and low maintenance costs.
3. Uses digital automatic constant temperature instrument to make our powder curing oven more convenient to operate.

Technical Parameters
Temperature range: RT(room temperature) -300℃, adjustable
Temperature uniformity: ±2.5% (under constant temperature state)
Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
Temperature rising speed: less than 20 minutes at room temperature of 100℃
Air supply mode: double air duct horizontal hot air circulation, with good uniformity
Internal dimensions (height×width×depth) (mm): can be customized according to the workpiece
Internal material: stainless steel plate
Internal structure: groove in the bottom, with stainless steel trolley
Power supply: 380V (N+ABC+ground wire), 50HZ
Input power: 20KW
Protective device: air switch, over temperature protective device, fan over heat protective device
Warranty: 1 year

Model Work size dimensions External dimensions Fans amount Heating power Nominal voltage Motor power
Colo-0910 W900 H1000 D1000 W1200 H1400 D1300 1 pcs. 4kW 380V/220
Colo-1864 W1600 H1800 D1400 W1900 H2200 D1700 1 pcs. 12kW 380V/220 0.75kW
Colo-1515 W1500 H1500 D1500 W1600 H1930 D1800 1 pcs. 13.5kW 380V/220 0.75kW
Colo-3176 W1650 H1700 D3200 W1950 H2100 D3600 1 pcs. 30kW 380V/220 1.5kW
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