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Curing Tunnel Oven

Our curing tunnel oven is divided into bridge type tunnel oven and straight type tunnel oven. The bridge type electrostatic spraying tunnel oven features of good thermal insulation performance and small floor space, it is suitable for spraying general size of the workpiece, which length is not too long and less than 6m. The straight type tunnel oven is a drying oven without bridge, both ends of it are equipped with the air curtain for separating the cold and hot air. Compared with bridge type curing oven, it has lower construction cost, but higher heat loss.

1. The oven body is equipped with circulating air duct system, the circulating hot air is used for drying, the volume of circulating air is designed according to the requirement of temperature difference. This curing oven also equips with automatic temperature controller and display device, it has uniform temperature, the temperature control accuracy of upper and lower section in oven is ±5℃. The inner wall of heater and air duct are made of 1.2mm aluminied steel sheet.
2. The structure combustion chamber body is made by multi layer insulation panel, which can reduce the heat loss, and eliminate the thermal stress greatly. The temperature difference between the outer wall of the insulation board and the workshop is less than 10℃ (national standard is 15℃). The inner wall material of the chamber is galvanized steel sheet, the outer wall is made by corrugated board. The total thickness of insulation layer is 150mm.
3. The drying oven adopts bridge structure, with good thermal sealing property.
4. The heating system uses gas for heating, the air in curing tunnel oven is heated by the hot circulating air which from the heat exchanger. The air inlet and the exhaust pipe are installed in the circulating heating system, for ensuring the drying quality of workpieces, and to keep the waste gas content within the normal range in accordance with the standard requirements.
5. The hot air circulating blower is a built-in air blower, it adopts high temperature and low noise centrifugal fans, its impeller, main shaft and bearing are specially processed. The noise of this air blower is less than 85dB.
6. Circulating air is filtered by high temperature resistant filter screen, to reduce the amount of dust in the tunnel oven.
7. This industrial drying oven can be equipped with RIELLO burner, digital automatic temperature controller, over temperature alarm, etc.

Technical Parameters
1. Tunnel size: 14000×1500×1900mm (L×W×H)
2. Heat consumption: 25kcal/hr
3. Fuel heating
Room temperature~220℃ adjustable, tunnel temperature is shown at two points
Thickness: 120mm, inner layer: 0.8 galvanized plate, outer layer: 0.8A3 pressed steel plate
Material of heat exchanger: 304 stainless steel
Circulating blower: C type air blower

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