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Electric Infrared Curing Ovens for Powder Coating

Electric infrared powder coating ovens are the energy efficient way of powder coating.
Better temperature uniformity – provides consistent, high quality curing results, continuous curing!
Quicker heating – cures more parts every day!
Reduce cure time and save money! Improve the curing quality.

Advantages of Electric Infrared Heat Curing Oven
1. High efficiency – focus the IR on the product and heat directly the coating, doesn’t heats through ambient air; instant on-off; no time wasted for heating emitters.
2. Repeatable results – attains consistent performance through effective control of the amount of heat required, even if pass time or dwell time vary; many control options are available.
3. Smaller floor space – these IR ovens use very little floor space, especially when compared to conventional curing ovens.
Custom designs available!
All curing oven can be wired for single or 3 phase operation as request.

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