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Industrial Infrared Gas Burners for Drying Powder Painting

We supply heater panels and control systems to customers who manufacture ovens. We are also very willing to provide oven designs, if needed.
Why choose catalytic infrared burner?
20-30% more energy-efficient than a common gas burner, friendly to environment, long use time: more than 11000hr, thermostatic control system

Material of Infrared Oven Heater
1) Shell: cast iron
2) Radiant part: honeycomb ceramic plate with rare-earth catalyst coating that has gone through the black oxide process
3) Nozzle: brass
4) Top cover: stamped stainless steel

Infrared Catalytic Burner List
Industrial Ceramic Series Infrared Burner
Model Dimension N.W. Gas Type Heat Output Consumption Picture
mm kg KW/h Kcal/hr NG(m3/h) LPG(kg/h)
HD162 570*130*175 8 NG/LPG 6.3 5400 0.49 0.45
HD242 840*130*175 11.7 NG/LPG 9.4 8120 0.75 0.68
HD262 930*130*175 13 NG/LPG 10.9 9360 0.8 0.74
Product name Specification       Picture
Electric Pulse Igniter Voltage: 220VAC/50Hz or 110VAC/60Hz      
Ignition Pin 3-pin      
Solenoid Valve Bore 1/4'' inch.
Voltage: 220VAC/50Hz or 110VAC/60Hz
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