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LPG Powered Curing Oven, Colo-0813

The Colo-0813 model LPG powered curing oven can be used for different processes of industries like powder coating, drying and many other applications. It is a powder coating batch oven LPG with front and back door and trolley. Its dimension is Width800mm *Hight1500mm *Length3000mm.

As the industrial curing oven is manufactured to work on LPG gas, it ensures the reduction of power consumption and makes it cost effective. This powder curing oven LPG has a sturdy design that maintains a uniform temperature in chamber. It makes combustion complete and concealed.

LPG fired powder coating oven
Model: colo-0813(indirect fired heater)
Inside dimension: 800 width x 1500 height x 3000 depth
Outside dimension: 1200 width x 1900 height x 3500 depth
Heat source: LPG
Voltage/Frequency: 380V (50-60hz)
Heating time: 15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature stability: < ± 3.0-6°C
Max. temperature: 250° C
Burner: Italien Riello, 10,0000cal
Circulation/ Air flow direction: Vertical, variable according to the position of holes on the walls
Ventilation performance: 1131-2565m3/h
Motor power: 1.5kW
Warranty: 12 months

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