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Powder Coating Oven

    1. Fuel Oil Powder Coating Oven COLO-3210
      Our fuel oil powder coating oven can be used with gas or diesel as requested. It is designed with both front and back door, and heat source uses LPG. The dimension of this industrial curing batch oven is W2000mm x H1900mm x D3100mm.
    1. Powder Coating Oven with Track Trolley
      In size of L 6.3×W2.0×H1.8m, the powder coating oven with track trolley has double leafs of doors and a set of drying grills. This product is also assembled with double ends of iron rail and 8 wheels.
    1. Gas Fired Curing Oven
      The gas fired curing oven is composed of combustion chamber, air duct, frame, heating system, exhaust unit, and automatic temperature control system.
    1. Curing Tunnel Oven
      Our curing tunnel oven is divided into bridge type tunnel oven and straight type tunnel oven.
    1. Infrared Powder Coating Oven
      Higher curing quality - no wrinkles or bubbles (as in the case of powder painting curing), homogeneous coating with high quality
    1. Powder Coating Oven COLO-1688
      This small curing oven is a drying oven suitable for car rims, wheels and other parts. The power supply is 110, 220 volts, single phase, 50 A. This oven is equipped with a digital temperature controller.
    1. Powder Coating Oven COLO-3217
      COLO-3217 is an electric batch powder curing oven equipped with overhead conveyor. The oven will be delivered with control unit, heating elements, oven structure, hardware and installation directions.
    1. Powder Coating Oven COLO-5219
      COLO-5219 is a batch powder curing oven. It is delivered with controls, heat system, oven structure, hardware and installation directions. COLO-5219 powder coating oven can work together with one or two trolleys.

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