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Dual Station Spray Booth

Each station of this spray booth is equipped with a powder recovery system, its top has the chain track, which can be hung the workpieces on the chain. This dual station spray booth can be used for manual powder coating line and automatic powder coating line.

Our paint spray booth can be customized according to customer requirements.

Item Specifications
External dimensions of spray booth L4820mm × W1700mm×H2370mm
Size of inlet and outlet W500mm×H1700mm
Opening size W600mm×H1400mm
Spray booth material Spraying steel plate (base: δ = 2.0mm , spray booth: δ = 1.5mm )
Spray booth color Standard
Spray booth base material Square steel tube
Light 2×40W (4 sets)

Spraying Circulation System

Item Specifications
Powder collector size L1620mm × W900mm
Air blower model 4-72-3.6A
Motor 3KW×2
Filter element size Φ325mm×600mm
Filter element quantity 6pcs (antistatic polyester filter)
Filter element cleaning method Pulse jet cleaning
Pulse jet valve DC 24V/1
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