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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Powder Spray Room

The powder spray room owns one filter. Its overall dimension is L1000×W1300×H1700mm. This product uses the 1.2mm thick hot rolled plate to make the wall that is painted with coating on the surface. With the welded structure assembled with plates, the product utilizes the rotary hangers in nice type, which is convenient for spraying the work piece. Its inner part is flat so that it is convenient for cleaning.

1.This powder spray room chooses a set of electric pulse recovery system.
After a period of use, the filter element is piled with a thick layer of powder on the surface. Its inner pulse blowback device is able to release the compressed air from inside to outside instantly to shake out the cumulated powder. The pulse is controlled by hand.
The electric pulse blowback powder recovery system consists of the water washable fiber resin filter element in size of Ø325×900mm, a pulse blowback spraying nozzle, a circular steel tube of gas tank and a 4-72-2.8A-1.5kw recycling fan.

2. Our powder spray room also adopts the electric appliance control system.
This system utilizes relative centralized control on the whole line. The electric appliances are arranged neatly and the fastening pieces are matched with proper specifications. The slot bridge support meets the demands in specifications and is arranged in perfect alignment.
a. All the electric equipment conforms to the national standard. We choose the optimal product in specially designated factory, like Chint, Delixi, etc.
b. The temperature controller works with digital display. The setting temperature and actual temperature will be presented on the panel of the control cabinet.
c. The whole system is designed and installed in accordance with national regulations.

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