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    1. Powder Spray Gun Parts
      Without authorization of any brand, we specialize in making various powder spray gun parts to replace the original famous brands of products at completive price.
    1. Control Unit Parts
      The CG06 and CG07 spray gun controller and various control unit parts are made as the replacement for famous brands of products.
    1. Conductive Powder Hose
      An anti-static powder hose is easily cleaned just by removing the static force, allowing for a rapid color change.
    1. Powder Injector
      We are dedicated to various replacements for powder injector in famous brands, as well as its wearing parts.
    1. Insert Sleeve
      As the wearing part, our insert sleeve is made to match various types of powder injectors in different brands. With customized service, we are able to produce it in varied styles based on the provided drawings and samples.
    1. Powder Injector
      Our powder injector is the inexpensive replacement for famous powder coating machine but not the original packed product because we are not the authorized dealer of these products.

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