Insert Sleeve

Our COLO-N insert sleeve varies in multiple types and it allows custom manufacture with pictures and samples.

Product for Modular Pump

Parts Description
225549 Throat ID: 0.188 inch, Teflon
225547 Throat ID: 0.188 inch, Tivar
225548 Throat ID: 0.213 inch, Teflon
225546 Throat ID: 0.213 inch, Tivar

Product for Tribomatic II Feed Pump

Parts Description
224736 Wear tube
631408 Venturi throat Tivar
635001 Venturi throat Teflon
109101 Teflon- Low flow
114219 Tivar- Low flow
249504 Teflon- Standard flow
114221 Tivar-Standard flow
174215 Standard glass-filled Teflon
226713 Throat Tivar
244642 Throat Teflon

Related Names
Powder Spray Painting Sleeve Supplier | Spray Painting Solution | Powder Coating Machinery Part

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