Powder Gun Parts

Our COLO-N powder gun parts are made for replacing the American Nordson products, like nozzle, venturi, insert sleeve, electrode pin, powder injector, powder hopper, powder tube, fluidized plate, insert assembly, connector, filter element, cable, high voltage kit, etc. As the replacement parts, our product is optimal and inexpensive. There is a large amount of merchandise on hand.

Optional Model

Item No. Description
145559 Service kit, nozzle, 32 mm
145558 Nozzle, 32-mm, w/O-rings
941181 O-ring, silicone
144759 Adjuster, pattern, 26 mm
635007 Nozzle
Original material
635008 Housing diffuser
631234 Distributor, inlet, Teflon
631232 Inlet wear sleeve, Teflon
631236 Outlet distributor, Teflon

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