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Spray Nozzle for Pre-Spraying Tunnel

Folder button of PP plastic nozzle, adjustable ball nozzle
Application scope -cleaning, surface treatment, humidification, dedusting, lubrication

Specification of Colo Series Folder Button Nozzle
(Hole diameter 14, 16, 18, 20mm)
Pinch size (inches) pinch diameter (mm)
1-1 / 438-43
1-1 / 244-51

Nozzle material properties
Component material
Cap - glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, containing 25% of fibers. The maximum heating temperature is 82 degrees, and it has an excellent chemical resistance.
Sprinklers - Carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene, containing 40% of fiber.
Base - the maximum heating temperature is 120 degrees, it has a chemical resistance, and an excellent abrasion resistance.
Spring clip - heat-treated 304 stainless steel.
Ring - NBR, FKM

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