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Powder Feed Center

Powder center with touch panel COLO-6000

The powder feed center is a system which conveys fluidized powder from a powder container to several spray guns simultaneously. The powder consumption can be compensated by an optional fresh powder feed unit.
Enables your powder system to feed powder directly out of the manufacturer’s box.
The powder circulation system is enhanced by using the original container and the automatic addition of fresh powder is level-controlled
Electric vibratory base which continuously fluidizes the powder supply.
The powder center adopts powder hose, guns and injectors in one user-initiated operation, cleaning the entire gun powder path automatically, saving time.
The powder position sensor will detect the position of the powder. A lack of powder will signal a warning which will fluidized the powder barrel: 100 liter capacity.

Powder Feed Center Colo-6000-S

1. Siemens PLC control system
2. Fast color change in a simple, compact and easy-to-operate feed center
3. Compact design with smaller footprint
4. Simple control and easy operation
5. High pressure purge results in contamination-free color change
6. Accommodates plastic square hopper, plastic rectangular hopper and powder box (including vibratory table and local fluidizing plate)
7. Allows both reclaimed and virgin powder supplies
8. Good location of sieve assures no adverse effect on cyclone efficiency
9. Single point cleaning
10. Capacity of twenty-four pumps
11. Pneumatic lift assembly for smooth movement and accurate positioning
12. Integrated LED light

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