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Powder Coating Oven COLO-1688

This small curing oven is a drying oven suitable for car rims, wheels and other parts. The power supply is 110, 220 volts, single phase, 50 A. This oven is equipped with a digital temperature controller.

Technical Parameters
Model Colo-1688
Work size 845width x 1600 height x 845 depth
Overall dimensions 1400 width x 2200 height x 1100 depth
Power supply Electric/ 6.5kw
Voltage/Frequency 110V/220v(50-60hz)
Warm-up time 15-30 min. (180°C)
Temperature stability < ± 3-5°C
Max. temperature 250°C
Ventilation performance 805-1677m3/h
Motor power 0.55kw
Circulation/ Air flow Vertical, variable through holes on the walls
Warranty 12 months
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