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Powder Coating Oven COLO-3217

COLO-3217 is an electric batch powder curing oven equipped with overhead conveyor. The oven will be delivered with control unit, heating elements, oven structure, hardware and installation directions.

Technical Parameters
Model Colo-3217
Work size 1200width x 1700 height x3200 depth
Overall dimensions 1407 width x 2203 height x 3424depth
Power supply Electric/ 40kw
Voltage/Frequency As required
Warm-up time 15-30 min. (180°C)
Temperature stability < ± 3-5°C
Temperature max. 250°C
Ventilation performance 805-1677m3/h
Fan motor power 2.2kw
Circulation/ Air flow Vertical, variable through holes on the walls
Transportation Trolley on top
Warranty 12 months
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