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Temperature Profiling System for Coating Oven

Technical Specifications

Model SMT-7-128-300-K
Channel quantity 7 for measuring external temperature and 1 for testing the internal temperature of the product
Temperature testing range 0~500ºC
Thermocouple K type
RAM 128 K
Resolution 0.3ºC
Measuring accuracy 0.5%
Size Φ76×200mm
Using temperature and time It can be used continuously for 600minutes at 100ºC, 120 minutes at 200ºC or 60 minutes at 300ºC.
Recording time It records the data once eight seconds for 15 hours.
Sampling cycle 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s, 8s, 10s, 12s, 20s, 40s, 60s
Thermal barrier size 280(length) ×120(width) × 100(height)mm
Setting software (Trend Reader V1.22 ) 1. It allows selecting or unselecting all the channels.
2. The standardized time of each channel is verified independently to address the demands on precision.
3. The sampling cycle is optional.
4. It brings convenience for start or stop.
Analysis software (Trend Reporter V1.0) 1. The display of all the curves can be selected.
2. It can calculate the heating rate between two temperature levels.
3. The software is able to give the stopping time above some 4 different temperature levels.
4. It helps to get the peak temperature.
5. It can compare the data of 2 to 5 times of testing.
6. Report printing
SMT-7-128-300-K temperature profile system for coating oven Analysis software interface

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