Gloss Meter

1. This COLO-0686 gloss meter is applied to measure the surface of ink, various paints, baking finish, coating, wooden products, etc.
2. As for decorative materials in construction, the product is suitable for testing the surface of marble, granite, vitrified and polished tile, ceramic tile and so on.
3. This product is also widely adopted to test the gloss of plastics and paper.

1.Owning the exquisite, light and handy appearance, our product is easy for carrying.
2. Due to the intelligent design, it is convenient for operating through one button.
3. The product performs with automatic calibration instead of manual adjustment. Moreover, it has the function of automatic shutdown.
4. Its light source is long lasting and needs no replacement.
5. Our gloss meter exerts precise measurement and excellent repeatability.
6. With digital display on LCD, the product also gives indication as the power supply is lack of voltage.

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