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Coating Thickness Gauge COLO-8822

1.This coating thickness gauge is used for measuring the non-magnetic coating and plating on the ferromagnetic, steel and other magnetic metal base, like paint, powder, plastic, rubber, synthetic material, phosphate coating, chromium, zinc, lead, aluminum, tin, cadmium, porcelain, enamel, oxide layer, etc.
2. It is also suitable for testing the thickness of the non-conductive covering layer on the nonmagnetic metal base.

Detailed Instruction

Model Colo-8822
Measuring range 0~200um/500um /1000um/…/15000um
Resolution 0.1 um (less than 100um), 1 um ( more than 100um)
Accuracy ±1~3%n or ±3um
Powder supply 4 AA batteries
Overall dimension 161×69×32 mm

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