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Epoxy Powder Coating

Technical Parameters

Description The epoxy powder coating is a kind of thermosetting material made of epoxies, curing agent and pigment.
Proportion 1.4-1.8g/cm³ It is varied for formula and color.
Granularity measurement Varies for usage (in average)
99% <100µm
Package 20kg carton with lining plastic bag
Storage life Below 30ºC, the product can be stored in the dry conditions for 12 months. After use, all the containers should be sealed again and packed in the original carton.
Usage Suitable for cooperating with some equipment Corona electrostatic coating machine
Tribomatic charged powder sprayer
Electrostatic fluidized bed
Fluidized bed
Coating thickness 50-150µm ( varies in different industrial demands)
Coverage rate 11-13m²/kg, thickness is 60µm It is changed for different types and colors.
Calculating formula of coverage rate Proportion × Coating thickness = g/m²
Softening temperature 75-95ºC (Kofler method) It is changed for different types and colors.
Baking conditions Referring to the temperature of work piece Low temperature curing: for 20 minutes at 160ºC
Common curing: for 15 minutes at 180ºC
Fast curing: for 8 minutes at 200ºC
Matte coating: for 10 minutes at 200ºC
Appearance The luster is measured by 60º admeasuring apparatus in accordance with ISO2813orGB/T9754-88.
Luster High gloss type: >85%
Semi-gloss type: 40-60%
Plain gloss type: 30±5%
Customers can consult our technology and sales department about specifications and other relevant information.
Effect Smooth, wrinkle, special effect or as required. This product can be supplied according to the regulations for samples.
Mechanical property In the lab, the oil removing ferrous phosphide is used in all the experiments to test the samples, whose thickness is 60 to 80µm.
Pencil hardness GB/T6739-86: H-2H
Adhesion GB/T9286-88: 0-1 level
Bending test (cylinder axis) GB/T6742: 0
Cupping test 7mm or varied in different colors and formula.
Impact test GB/T1732-93 : 50kg /cm
Corrosive resistance Degreasing zinc phosphide is adopted for testing samples, whose thickness is 100 to 120µm. All the experiments are finished in the lab.
Salt spray test GB/T1771-91: After 500 hours, the product has some faults but the erosion on cross section is less than 2mm.
Damp heat test Bs.3900Part F2 1973: 5000 hours later
GB1740/79(89): after 1000 hours, the coating has no fault except slight gloss loss.
Application range Office furniture, workshop equipment, door and window frames, home appliances, automobile parts, toys, machinery, etc.
Note This product is not recommended to be used outdoors. Its durability is not good and it will come across color changing, fading, chalking and other problems.

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