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Aftermarket replacement high voltage cascade

We carry the industries most complete inventory of replacement parts for different brand powder coating gun system . Our parts are manufactured by us only for after market replacement parts.

Select the model of powder coating gun high voltage cascade .
If you can not find what you are looking for, please contact us for details

Cascade – complete, negative polarity 1007 231
Cascade (negative polarity) - complete 1000 809
OptiGun 2-A shaft - complete, negative polarity 393 665
PG 1 Powder Gun Negative polarity 338 249
PG 2-A Automatic powder gun Polarity 361 534
EasySelect Manual Powder Gun Polarity – (negative) 379646
PEM C4 259900 cascade
Sure Coat Automatic Spray Guns Multiplier, 95 kV, negative 288552
Vantage Manual Spray Gun KIT, multiplier 1014038
Negative cascade, X1 ET 2324136

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