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Manual Powder Gun X1 Spare Parts Replacement

Gun Hook X1 SP 2320330
PT-Pan head screw, self-tapping, Torx 2316896
Outer Nut X1 2320464
Cascade neg. X1 SP 2324136
1x Cup with Cover SP 2324139
5x Cup with Cover SP 2324140
Injector holder Sprint complete 2307117
Electrode Holder X1 R SP 2322490
Electrode Holder X1 R + Spray Nozzle 2322493
Electrode Holder X1 F SP 2322529

Wear parts
Wedge X1 2320488
Flat Spray Nozzle X1 assy 2321976
Deflector Cone D18 asse. 2321981
Deflector Cone D25 asse. 2321980
Deflector Cone D34 asse. 2321171
Deflector cone sleeve X1 2320503
Round Spray Nozzle X1 VL SP 2324148
Flat Spray Nozzle X1 VL SP 2324147
Electrode X1 VL150 SP 2324144
Electrode X1 VL300 SP 2324145
Electrode X1 VL500 SP 2324146
Nozzle Insert X1 EXT F 2323401
Nozzle Insert X1 EXT R 2323461
Contact X1 EXT assy 2323361
Electrode CoronaStar X1 SP 2322835

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