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Manual Powder Coating System

The main equipment of manual powder coating system includes pulsed powder recycling and spraying booth, drying curing heating system, manual electrostatic spray gun. The electrostatic spray gun has various of styles for option, the manual spray gun is used for processing small batch workpieces. The size of spray booth can be adjusted according to the workpieces of customers. Diesel, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, infrared ray and so on can be used as the heat source.

COLO is a professional manufacturer of electrostatic spraying system, our products are widely used in hardware and tools, aluminum alloy doors and windows, electric appliance, instruments, profiles, radiators, iron accessories, vehicle, highway guardrail, fire fighting equipment, furniture, and all kinds of metal products industry.

Manual Powder Coating System Technical Scheme
Design Basis

Production line layout: L×W×H m
Maximum size of workpiece: (L×W×H)
Speed: 1m-4m/min.
Coating method: Manual
Workpiece feeding (after drying) → coating → workpiece curing → workpiece discharging
Production Line Components
1) Manual coating
2) Curing equipment
3) Conveying equipment
4) Electric control equipment

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