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Portable Powder Coating Machine

This Colo-800DT-H portable powder coating machine suits spraying for the automotive wheel hub. This powder system is suitable for the users who just start up their business or who do small-scale powder coating, but with very high coating quality requirements. All the parameters are controlled by the computer intelligently and the control programs for spraying are selected through touching buttons, like for plate work piece, corner work piece, re-spraying work piece, etc.

The electrostatic high voltage and current are set automatically at optimum value, which is the required parameter for realizing maximum powder utilization on spraying the work piece in various shapes and metal powder. This product also breaks through the Faraday Effect that appears in the operation of corona electrostatic powder coating machine to maximum extent.

As the requirements on powder output and atomization strength are changeable for different work pieces and powder, our product is prepared with three sets of pressure regulating valves to adjust these two parameters. Configured with stainless steel powder hopper in size of 20×40cm or 20×30cm, our product is adaptable for small scale of spraying with high requirement.

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