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Portable Powder Coating System

This COLO-660T-B portable powder coating system is applicable for a small batch of trial spraying on variouswork pieces. In the advanced design of electrostatic control and nozzle, the product is supplied with high powder utilization while spraying the work piece in varied shapes. With exquisite appearance, our product is light and portable. It only weighs 10.5kg. Furthermore, this product features simple operation, durability and credibility.

This powder coating machine features pulse function, does well in recoating or corner coating. It saves powders, and is very popular in the markets of USA. UK, Germany. Many users use this powder coating machine to coat car rims, wheels, bicycles, etc.

Main Parameters

Output voltage and power AC 220V±10%, 50~60Hz
Electrostatic high voltage output 100KV
Temperature range 0ºC - 40ºC
Max. input pressure 1MPa
Min. input pressure 0.2MPa
Max. water content in the compressed air 1.3g/Nm³
Max. oil content in the compressed air 0.1mg/Nm³
Powder output 0~500g/min
IP rating IP54

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